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Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve

Savannah Bee Company was founded in 1999 by Ted Dennard who has over 35 years of beekeeping.

The Sourwood Gold Reserve Honey is an award winning honey that offers distinct flavors unlike anything else in the world. When you are lucky enough to taste the best, your taste buds are met with an orchestra of flavors ranging from maple spice to caramel to gingerbread. Sourwood has a purply brown tint to its color and has garnered blue ribbons at the World Honey Show. This year the Sourwood Gold Reserve Honey won a Sofi Silver Award. The Sofi Awards are the equivalent of the Grammy's in the food industry.

The sourwood honey can only be harvested in one part of the world, the upper heights of Appalachian Mountains on the East Coast of the United States. The honey can only be harvested in August in small batches. Each bottle is filled and sealed by hand in Savannah Georgia. Each Gold Reserve bottle arrives with its own case and drizzle spoon crafted specially for the sourwood bottle. Each bottle of Sourwood Gold Reserve Honey is numbered due to the limited supply in the world.

You can purchase a little taste of heaven individually or included in a gift basket here at

A Sweet Adventure!

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