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This beautiful larger than life Faux Leather Tote holds Fine French Truffles, Toffee Pretzels, Holiday Cookies, Triple Chocolate Cupcake Cookies, Coffee Candies, Seasoned Pretzels, Parmesean and Garlic Pita Chips, Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies, Focaccia Crackers, Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Coffee, Creamy Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Amaretto Filled Cookies, Candy Cane with Marshmallows Dipped in Chocolate Stir Stick, Ghirardelli chocolates, and more.  Brown box at left front is available for personalization with your logo or message.

VIP Sampler

SKU: C1606
  • 31” tall, 15” wide, 11” deep

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